Monday, March 19, 2012

Following the Moon: Open the Door

Happy New Natural Year!

Welcome to Following the Moon, March 19, 2012 the doorway of the Equinox opens to a new beginning!

I like to say, 'Something wonderful is emerging' when Aries comes to call . Read my dear friend Sandra's take on what's coming to meet us astrologically.

Can you feel and connect with the space that lies before you in the 12 Moon/Months ahead? The idea now is to be visualizing the birth of this new phase of your Art/Life as you communicate from a place of balance and inner peace. There's a grand challenge ahead and solutions to problems include listening, listening and listening even more deeply to your intuition... call it your Muse, your Inner Guide, Shaman, Hero, Grandmother, Alchemist, Advisor ... name this part so you can really become intimate.

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May you have the most creative and peace-filled year of your amazing Art/Life!

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  1. yes, I felt a call to meditate more often as of late... thank you for this post! xo


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