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Since 1991 the Lifecycle department of my studio outreach has been devoted to assisting us in walking in creative balance.

The mantra for Lifecycle is paraphrased from Thoreau and states 'To affect the quality of the day is the highest of arts.'

For Lifecycle I enlist a variety of well developed tools. I have a love affair with the work of walking through the world in a state of balance.

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This is a tool for optimum optimistic change in your busy creative life.

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I trust you will enjoy the following 8 step simple Luna See Recipe© for Following Your Moon/Goddess: month-by-month and year-by-year:

1) Refer to your kitchen calendar to find the four basic phases of the moon, New, 1st Quarter, Full, Last Quarter. With each New moon…have a vision. Close your eyes and open your heart. Set a goal. Ask for clarity, which will lead to wisdom and illumination during the coming 29 days of the unfolding moon cycle. Create a treasure map using color, images and words to illustrate your heart’s desire.

 2)Three days later at the Crescent moon phase do your research and allow your vision/goal space to struggle like a seed planted in the ground. Imagine that it reaches up to find the light as it simultaneously stretches down to set a root. Breathe in the beauty and the wonder that surrounds you.

3)When the three days of the First quarter moon come it’s the time to take an action (write the letter, make the phone call, dance, or paint or sculpt your vision) all to inspire growth, trust and love for your goal.

4)The Gibbous moon phase is three days before the full moon; this is the time to remain positive…remain completely focused and create, create, create in connection to your goal.

5)The Full moon reflects. This is the three days in which you can see the shadow or hidden side of your vision or goal. This is when you can experience your goal's challenges from deep within. Now you can see, sense and feel what works and what may not. Introspection at this time leads to inner strength.

6)Three days after the full moon comes the Disseminating moon phase. This is the time to share what you have learned thus far regarding your goal. Speak to a trusted friend or mentor or write in your journal recording your discoveries.
7)The Third quarter moon each month offers a time to say “thank you”. Now we begin to cleanse, renew and purify our thoughts and feelings being very grown up and recognizing that we’ve done what we can to accomplish the goal for this cycle.

8)Lastly, the Balsamic moon phase each month falls three days before the next new moon. Now we release what has come and prepare to begin again…this is the time to dream the dream of the seed idea or vision that will be planted with the next new moon…This is the recipe for circles, cycles, following your moon….or we might say…enjoying your Luna-see…what a wise vision.

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