Friday, March 30, 2012

Following the Moon: Begin Again

Welcome to the new Natural Year!

Welcome to Following the Moon and our first moon cycle of the Natural Year. I'm a week behind...but here we go...this whole year is one to practice being at peace with what is...though of course that does not condone being victimized...ya gotta know how to take a stand.

Speaking of taking a stand...this week we move through the First Quarter Moon Phase, Friday, March 30 through early morning Tuesday, April 3. It's timely to take an action that relates to your Art/Life intention. By all means know what you stand for in your precious Art/Life.

The keyword for this cycle is Clarity...can you see places where you can invite some in?

I began this new Natural Year by having a computer and therefore no postings. When I asked for Clarity I saw that this was actually no problem. So I didn't turn it into one.

I'm an outdoors I went outside to play... lovin' it.

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  1. too rainy today to be outside... but I am hoping to get out there this weekend... and being unplugged is nice occasionally eh? x

  2. It truly is. I'm so appreciating the time to 'be natural'.


  3. I was also a lot outside the last two weeks, enjoying the sun and my garden. Not on the internet and not missing it also. But today it was gloomy and cold, time to be inside and to paint and read. Always as i visit your blog, reading your posts i feel at peace, because of what you write. Thank you for that and have a nice weekend!

  4. Hello Momo Luna...I was thinking about you I'm so happy that you stopped by...your work for spring is delightful!

    I send you all best for a wonderful rainy weekend of painting and reading.


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