Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Following the Moon: Eat Some Fire

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Heat Up Your Passion!!, Drozda, 2012
This week the Clarity Moon takes us through the Gibbous Phase...that means it's time to create, create, create in the direction of your intention for the year! Gibbous begins early morning (EDT) Tuesday, April 3 and extends through Friday, mid afternoon, April 6.

On Friday, April 6 the Full 'Clarity' Moon comes to call. It's the only time in the Natural Year when you'll have the opportunity to experience a sense of balance and order in the particular way that will visit now. Pay attention. See if you can show up with true, what the Buddhist teachings refer to as, 'equanimity'...go for it....really notice how much steadiness you possess.

This Moon is ruled by Aries and Mars. I truly respect the dynamic qualities of these Archetypes. They are here to bring it on in every and all forms.

Recently, while spring cleaning, I opened a cool looking storage box and my eyes widened to take in the surprise. There in front of me was a lost treasure... a stack of drawings done many years ago when I led a group of 'Luna-tics' in a year long exploration of the Major Arcana...through a process of creating 'opposite hand' postcard size 'Inner Child Tarot' cards. I've been missing this group of twenty two images for several years and had no idea where they might have gone. Have you ever lost a creative project and recognized how attached you get to the images and inspirations that come but once?

The Archetypes for this current Moon/Month are Aries/Emperor and Mars/Tower...they combine to challenge you to take your next step standing in your power, dying to the ego and all forms of bravado...
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  1. I just changed the floor of my studio and had to move all my boxes, etc out of the room before the floor could be put down. Now that the project is completed, I am bringing back in the boxes but won't put anything back until I go through all "stuff". What wonderful surprises I've found. Little paintings I forgot all about. It has encouraged me to get back to painting. I realize how much I have missed it in the past year.

  2. Hi Meg...I actually felt the same way...painting and drawing are calling....there's been so much other creative work going on it will be delightful to circle around.

  3. A powerful invocation, invite, To Eat Some Fire!
    I will think of this all day, Donna.
    the moon has been all lemon and gold down here on the Inner Banks.
    you are so brave to go photographing Copper Heads. Power to you.

    1. Donna--Although I did not know about the confluence of events this last weekend, I felt a balance and equanimity that I strive for on most days. So fascinating to find that natural forces combine to bring this about...and exciting as well to hear about your buried treasure, the very image of which conjures up the inner child. Sending you love...


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