Friday, March 16, 2012

Following the Moon: The Art of the Start

Media Blend, 2012, Virginia MOCA

This week I celebrate the work of my Winter Media Blend Studio at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. What a fabulous and edgy unfolding as we traveled our seven weeks together. We also completed the seven week Saturday in the Studio with the young's a  sample of work one artist created for her self...

9-11 year/Saturday in the Studio, 2012, Virginia MOCA

Welcome to the Purity Moon cycle. I get pretty jazzed at this point in the Natural Year...I love being able to look over my shoulder taking in the breadth and depth of the physical, emotional and intuitive experiences that have come to visit in the year now closing.

Walking around the circle of the year by ’Following the Moon’ becomes more natural and brings an instinctive focus as you apply the Moon to Moon rhythms to your own Art/Life.

This final cycle in the Natural Calendar opened on February 21 and now we are in the Third Quarter Phases the point of giving thanks for what you have experienced from the past year.

This is an ending place. There’s much possibility in endings. This attending to closure is powerful ... it sets the tone for your Vision of the Natural Year ahead. As one door closes and the new opens on March 22 when the Aries cycle begins all possibility awaits your Art/Life.

Have you been dreaming of what your Art/Life will grow in the new walk round the wheel?

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See you next week for the New Aries Moon and the beginning of the Natural Year!

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  1. Beautiful art of the start assemblages! Endings...beginnings...the cycle. I strive for more awareness of my time here in the light, to cherish each day.


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