Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Following the Moon: No Evil

Yama, BD, & Nonnie: Speak Hear No, Speak No, See No

Welcome to Following the Moon and the Full Phase of the Purity cycle. This moon cycle began on February 21 and provides us with 29.6 days to release the residue of all that we would choose to leave behind prior to stepping over the threshold into the new Natural Year at Equinox on March 20.

What a wonderful time of the year this is to take a fast from the intensity that surrounds…take a walk, a nap or a moment to forgive whatever it is that is weighing heavy on your heart/mind.

My maternal grandmother was a gardener and a closet Buddhist…she never spoke of her interest in the loving kindness wisdom of the Buddha but she had several visual prompts, what we students of Buddhism refer to as ‘sight meditations’… such as a small bronze of the Monkey Mind sculpture: ‘Hear no, See no, Speak no Evil’. I loved that compact, fit in your hand, reminder of an exotic and mysterious way of  moving through the world. When Grandmother died I was given a box of treasures including a ‘Hear no, Speak no…” and a dimunitive booklet on the Essentials of Buddhism circulated in 1921…the year my mother was born, and costing one dime.

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