Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Following the Moon: A Final Test

I Seem to be a Verb, Drozda

Since last October we've been exploring the quieting and calm that can be practiced for six Moon/Month cycles of each year. Now we come to the culmination and closure of that primarily inward time.

Here, at the close of the Natural Year we will do well to review, reflect and release anything that may still linger as a negativity built up since last spring. In the Purity cycle we can forgive the world.

During the Purity segment of the Natural Year we can make a conscious choice. Each of us is born with an inner support system. Joseph Campbell refers to these archetypal energies as Helping Hands. These unseen forces are also called Mighty Companions, Angelic Forces, Muses and the spontaneous occurrence of Synchronicity. Leaning into this level of support provides assistance when the Art/Life feels like it is on the floor, knocked out for the count. This is when, here...at this point on the wheel... we can get in touch with the Alchemical Shamanic Artist Within. We can engage in shape shifting the direction of the Art/Life so that it feels more and more like a true fit.


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  1. wonderful black and white piece ... very powerful in segments... been listening... xo


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