Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Following the Moon: Wake Up

Esperance, Drozda, 72x54" mixed, 2010

Welcome to 'Following the Moon'. The 'Purity' Moon cycle begins Tuesday, February 21.
Today, February 20, is the last day of the Balsamic Renewal Phase. Dream of being awake!

My wandering friend Sara sent along this beautiful reminder to wake up on this day:

Maha shivratri is the day when shiv tattva touches the ground.

The consciousness (ethereal world) is 10 inches above the surface. On this day, it touches the Earth element. It is very useful for people to keep awake and meditate. This helps in fulfillment of desires....
It helps you grow stronger in your being.

It is like a new year for a sadhak (seeker).

The night on this day, when the constellations are in a particular position, it is auspicious. It is considered an auspicious moment for a spiritual aspirant.
It is the wedding of the spiritual and material world.
Ratri: That which comes you comfort is Ratri.

That which takes you from the issue to the solution is ratri. Ratri means night. It removes 3 types of discomfort.
Shivratri gives you comfort and confidence that the Divine is with you and He/she is your valentine.
Ask yourself what really, really, really works and reassure yourself in the areas that feel like a fit. As you come closer to the Equinox of March 20 sense that there is a shift taking place. Energy is beginning to move at a quickening pace.

The Crescent Phase of this 'Purity' Moon cycle begins Saturday, February 25...read more

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I send along special heartfelt thanks to Ursuline College and Tri-C College for including me as Guest Artist, Keynote Speaker: 'Planting Seeds/Harvesting Health' and Workshop Presenter: 'Making Life the Master Peace' at 'The Art of Mental Health and Wellness' the 12th annual Art & Healing Exhibition at Tri-C Gallery East, Cleveland, Ohio.

Thank you Mary Sender, Amy Jacobs and all of your staff. Thank you gallery curator Roy Bigler. You all created a smooth and effortless ease that surround every aspect of a delightful experience. Thanks to all who attended the lively opening talk and the amazingly jazzed workshop...what a fabulous day!

If you, Dear Readers, are in the Cleveland area I invite you to stop in at Gallery East through March to savor the creative works of many who understand the power of creative healing. The exhibit is sponsored collaboratively by the Tri-C Creative Arts/Pre-Art Therapy Department, the Ursuline College Art Therapy & Counseling Department and Tri-C Gallery East, with support from The Buckeye Art Therapy Association.

See you next Monday for the First Quarter Phase of the Purity Moon


  1. I am ready to wake up .... I've been feeling that for the past week. The cycles are so amazing and I forget about them and then am delightfully reminded in your blog. Your writing makes me pay attention.

  2. I always love the story that comes with it. It helps me. I also feel the urge to wake up, also because spring already is a bit in the air overhere. Wonderful painting. I love the soft pinks and oranges.

  3. such a beautiful and inspiring post!


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