Monday, February 6, 2012

Following the Moon: Who Now?

Full Renewal Moon, Drozda 2012

Welcome to 'Following the Moon'. We began the 'Renewal' Moon cycle on January 23. I hope that you're finding the pace and the purpose of your Art/Life gathering momentum in a way that feels stable and grounded for you. The whole idea of taking this time within the Mystery is to discover the tempo that feels most natural for your Art/Life so that you are well aware of the rhythm that feels healthiest for you.

Monday, February 6 is the last day of the Gibbous Phase. The three days of the Gibbous Phase provide a level of energy that's best for: create, create, create! Create in conjunction with what it is you're attempting to renew.

The Full Phase of this 'Renewal' Moon cycle begins Tuesday, in the late afternoon, and extends through Friday, February 10. At the Full Moon each month cyber friend Dr. Lilan Laishley shares her beautifully designed monthly Full Moon Newsletter. Here's an excerpt from the current issue:
During this Full Moon we continue to work with the creative and innovative energy available during this Year of the Dragon. Dragon combines the visible actions of a bold innovator with the invisible essence of a spiritual mystic. Bold innovation and spiritual mysticism seem like two very different qualities, and our job this month is to figure out how to bring them together in ourselves. Fortunately we have a Full Moon in Leo (bold!) and Neptune in Pisces (mystic!) to help us out. As I contemplate this Moon I have come to believe that only actions infused with spirituality will create the changes we need in this world. Fortunately for us, these qualities are as close as our own heads and hearts.


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  1. It is good to know that my creativity and rest is in complete alignment with our lady amazing when that is precisely the way things unfold!


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