Monday, January 23, 2012

Following the Moon: Renew You

Happy Year of the Black Water Dragon...Monday, January 23 through Thursday, January 26 brings us the New 'Renewal' Moon.

At the New Phase of each Moon/month the opportunity presents us with a lovely three days for creating a vision and with the Lunar New Year bringing its gifts of the Dragon just imagine what's possible.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl, Drozda, Watercolor/Arches

How does Renewal look in your Art/Life?
You can look deep inside. You see what needs Renewal.

At the New Moon you're standing at the Eastern most point on your Moon/month circle. It's the dawn, it's the beginning. Take a moment to gaze out and imagine the 4 weeks much will be coming to meet you.

The New Moon is that classic space in which you hold the vision of the 'art of the start'. Feel inspired by the 'not yet experienced', there is adventure ahead. It's the time to embrace the active emotion that can propel you toward your passion. It's time to be visualize the emergence of new levels of clarity in your Art/Life.

Being filled with inspiration as the Equinox approaches...'something wonderful is emerging, something wonderful is on its way'.


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  1. Oh yes, i indeed experience these new ideas. I love these posts, to remind me, to inspire me....
    And although almost a month has gone in this new year i wish you all good things and inspiration coming your way.
    Sweet greetz!

  2. Whoo hoo! We are so excited here at the farm - TWO dragons in one household and, of course, what could we BE but Black Water dragons here in Blackwater???? And we are both turning 60 which our Chinese friends assure us is a very auspicious number. Let the good times roll!


Thanks for stopping '-)