Monday, January 16, 2012

Following the Moon: Refining Tradition

Rescue, Drozda, Acrylic/wood, 2001

Monday, January 16 through Thursday, January 19 brings us to the 3rd Quarter 'Cleansing' Moon. At the 3rd Quarter Phase of each Moon/month the opportunity presents us with a lovely three days for giving grateful thanks.

You can take a deep soothing breath. You can refine this into a tradition.

At 3rd Quarter you're standing at the top most point on your Moon/month circle. Take a moment to gaze out absorbing the lay of the last three weeks terrain and count the blessings.

The 3rd Quarter is that classic space in which you can realign. Feel washed over by the wisdom gathered and guidance received. It's the time to embrace the Instinctive You. It's time to be grateful to yourself for all the ways in which you have wisely chosen to invest in your Art/Life.

Be filled with gratitude for the wealth given to you to share within your world.

See you next Monday for the New Renewal Moon and the start of 'Ages & Stages...registration is open.

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