Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Following the Moon: Nature/Nurture: YOU

Standing at the West Gate, Drozda, Ink on Bristol board

Monday, January 9 through early evening (EST) Thursday, January 12 brings you the opportunity to reflect (that's what Full Moon's make room for) upon all that you are willing to face and release as part of the Cleansing of your Art/Life at this time. I'd like to share with you the creative brilliance of my friend Lilan Laishley. You can Google her and sign up for her newsletter at the top of her home page. I put her link in repeatedly and for some reason it wouldn't open. Lilan is a word artist who writes a beautifully illustrated Full Moon journal/newsletter that you may enjoying subscribing to. I know that each month I brighten when it arrives and I am ever delighted by Lilan's gift for word-weaving the 'above with the below'.

This, the Full Moon segment of the cycle, is an important time for nurturing yourself. The Full Moon is that classic space in which we can see our shadow and it can sometimes feel a bit spooky and disconcerting. Thta's for good reason. It's a marvelous time of the Moon/Month to allow yourself the time/space to claim more of who you are now. It's a time to relate to yourself more clearly. Who you are now, in January during the Cleansing cycle is not known because you're in the depths of the Mystery. Yet even in the 'not knowing' you can recognize that you are filled with treasure of enormous value to yourself and our world.



January 12…this Thursday... registration opens

On January 24 as the New ‘Renewal’ moon begins, AHA’s for the Art/Life e-studio will open with ‘AGES & STAGES'...THE NATURAL ART OF PERSONAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT 'Ages & Stages' explores YOUR gold mine applying eight focused ways to deepen your Art/Life adventure. In this eStudio we will be getting personally attuned to the gifts and talents that are yours to share... in 2012...specifically. You'll be able to place your Art/Life goal on the Natural Wheel at Spring Equinox and watch the unfolding Moon by Moon.


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