Friday, September 23, 2011

Following the Moon: AHAs for the Art/Life: Registration Now Open

Welcome to 'Following the Moon': It's the Fall Equinox...a beautiful time to consider deepening calm and turning our attention toward balanced harmony.

With this in mind I'm taking a step onto a new path in my Art/Life and I invite you to join me.

Beginning on the New Moon, Tuesday, September 27, and through the entire 'Experience' Moon cycle ending October 26, I will be offering my first in the eStudio series titled AHA's for the Art/Life.

Our first eStudio is called "Tools for Change." In this four week Experience, we'll explore the gentling of time. You will be able to experience the cadence of lunar flow through the area of your Art/Life that you choose to focus upon. With the information that you gather during this four week eStudio you'll have access to completely transferrable and continually applicable 'Tools for Change'.
The AHA eStudio format is structured so that you can be fluid in terms of how you engage.

You can either take the information in privately at your own pace, or you can share your process by bringing it to the "Tools for Change" forum. At the forum we'll share our Experience and keep the conversation going.

My heartfelt invitation to you is to step into this Experience... a natural way to gentle and calm time making space for consistency and focus.

        Cost for the eight modules of "Tools for Change"               September 27 - October 26:


Our first eStudio opens on September 27 with each phase of the moon (approximately every four days) the next segment of our Experience will be posted within our secure 'Tools for Change' site.

You can Experience 'Tools for Change' in two ways... self guided or interactive. Either format allows you full access to information for the gentling of the next phase of your Art/Life.

Here at the Fall Equinox consider a quiet focus.
Walk into calm and balance.
Take an inward turn and greet your Art/Life with these gentling 'Tools for Change'.

                                           REGISTER AND SIGN UP NOW

                                                                                   Fall Equinox...the time for calm balance

~Lookin' Up~


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