Monday, September 26, 2011

Following the Moon: Relaxing With What IS

La Luna, Drozda, 2011, mixed media

Welcome to the New ‘Experience’ Moon

The New Moon begins Tuesday, September 27 in the early morning (EST) and the New Phase extends through Friday, September 30 at noon.
At the time of the New Phase, during this post Equinox cycle, you can begin the turn toward the calming period of the Natural Year. You can begin to slow down and cease the push. You can begin to relax your pace. This Experience cycle is about recognizing that your own needs are now met. You can consciously begin to open to Life and the Mystery in the six months ahead. Now you can acknowledge that you’re truly a pioneer…you’re moving in a direction that is all new…and you get there by turning inward.

On Friday, September 30, in the early morning, the Crescent Phase begins. The Crescent Phase extends through the late evening of Monday, October 3 giving you the ability to research and develop the Experience that is the work of your now inward turning heart. Think about harvesting what the Natural Year has brought your way. Gather your more


  1. Wonderful post. So good to remember this, i just needed this to know, to remember....

    Sweet greetz to you!

  2. Wonderful wonderful words, and I love the image.


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