Monday, March 28, 2011

Following the Moon: Open the Door

The Migrator, Drozda, 2011, Acrylic/wood, 12x11", Sold

Welcome to ‘Following the Moon’ for the week of Monday, March 28 through Sunday, April 3. We have 6 days remaining in the final ‘Purity’ Moon cycle of the Natural Year. Here is the place each year where we’re given the opportunity to forgive and release all that has visited in the twelve months just walked through.
Our phases this week are Third (or Last) Quarter and Balsamic, bringing us to the first New Moon for the Natural Year on Sunday, April 3.

The Third Quarter phase began March 26 and extends a full four days through Wednesday morning, March 30.

The Third Quarter moon phase is the most accomplished area of the monthly cycle. Arriving here aligns us with thanksgiving. There is a level of maturity required before we can freely engage in such a practice and each month these few days allow us to exercise our gratitude muscle.

We've made it. We are now in the final week of the Natural more
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