Monday, March 14, 2011

Following the Moon: Passing of the Dream

Passing of the Dream, Drozda, Mixed/board, 12x16", Arttist Collection

Welcome to ‘Following the Moon’ for the week of March 14 – March 21… the ‘Purity’ Moon cycle of the Natural Year.

This is a useful time to remind yourself that lunar phases help to track and keep pace with your emotions. So in essence, as you come to this last four week cycle each year, you will hopefully be completing the release of built up, pent-up, outgrown, and futile backlogs in this department.

Our phases this week span the First Quarter (take an action on you ‘Purity’ goal) which began Saturday evening (EST), March 12 extending through Wednesday morning. Wednesday, March 16, through Saturday, March 19, we experience the Gibbous phase (analyze and filter your action) and on that day in the mid-afternoon we step into the Full Moon (illuminate & experience your goal) and the Spring Equinox, the New Natural year, meeting us on Sunday evening. It’s a packed week.

Those of you who have been syncing your intuitive guidance with ‘Following the Moon’ know that you have been building toward this point for the last 90 days, since Winter’s Solstice. Since that shortest, darkest day, we’ve been building quietly, inwardly, meditatively. We’ve been consciously connecting to that which we would be willing to birth ‘come the spring’.

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