Monday, August 29, 2011

Following the Moon: Topsy Turvy Love

Welcome to the New 'Love' Moon...

The New Moon began Sunday, August 28 just before midnight (EST) and extends through Thursday, September 1 in the pre-dawn.

At the New Phase we gaze out into the future. During the 'Love' cycle you have an unusual opportunity to turn your view of the Art/Life on its head and see what you've been involved with... as if for the first time. The Love cycle is a very heady time. You know how things go topsy turvy when you fall head over heels for another? Consider that same sort of oo la la for what you've been devoting your creative time and energy to since the Spring Equinox on March 20.

Gaze into the vision that you hold for your Art/Life. This is the Love Moon cycle. Four weeks available for basking in the Love... for all that you create. Pretty heady stuff...
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Experience the strength that comes when you align with the Natural Calendar in relation to your Art/Life

Become familiar with the Natural Calendar's progression in conjunction with the goals, visions and dreams for your Art/Life

Establish your own natural, empowered rhythm available to you under all circumstances and conditions

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