Monday, August 22, 2011

Following the Moon: Graditude for Engaged Detachment

Summer at Casa del Mar, Drozda, 1979, watercolor/Arches, 18x24"

Welcome to the Third Quarter phase of the ~Trust Moon cycle~

The Third Quarter phase began Sunday, August 21 in the early evening (EST) and extends through Thursday, August 25 in the early afternoon.
At the time of the Third Quarter Phase we can breathe in grace and gratitude. We can invest this time in remembering how miraculous it is to come to this thanksgiving place each month (moon).

Here we enter a very grown-up space. This time period is when it becomes clear that one goal simply leads to another. During these few days a great deal can happen. There's the opportunity to reflect in a way that sets the stage for where the Art/Life will carry you next. There's also the option to just allow space to rest in preparation for the deep dream of where you would like to be moving as you enter the next cycle in the month ahead.

This manner of working with the progression of the moon cycles has delighted me for two decades. Using the model that's shared here at 'Following the Moon' offers a way of working with time that's rich in 'room to breathe'. In that breathing space find the ability to listen more deeply to inner creative prompts.

Consider the keyword for each month since the Spring Equinox... more


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  1. oh I am usually in a place of gratitude, but lately I have felt so full that my eyes leak.... : )


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