Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Following the Moon: And Now... A Few Lovely Announcements

Welcome to the Full Moon phase of the Trust Moon cycle! The Full phase extends from Saturday, August 13 until Wednesday, August 17.

I've waited till today, August 16, before beginning to post again (after a 2.5 month break) because I've been working in the studio on a renewed way of moving through the world and I wanted the first piece to be in place, and the first mention to happen, here at 'Following the Moon'.

So before we look at the current natural energy of the Lunar phase I'd like to make three wonderful announcements.

                                       {visualize white birds flying up into the bluest of skies}

Announcement #1...

New e-book release of Twenty Two Prayer Poems for Care Givers...
I start with a celebration: This year is the 10th anniversary of the publishing of Twenty Two Prayer Poems for Care Givers a quieting collection of meditations that I wrote and illustrated while serving as a hospice volunteer.
Today I'm so pleased to share with you the launch of the anniversary edition as an e-book available as an immediate download for $9.99. I hope that you will consider a copy for yourself and I know that there are those in your immediate circle who could benefit from its gentle, soothing and timeless path. If you print the download and have them spiral bound with a clear acetate cover it will make a gorgeous gift...for you and those you love.

From the Introduction to this new e-book edition:

Rosalynn Carter's recent testimony before congress might teach each of us in turn:

There are only four kinds of people in the world
1. Those who have been caregivers

2. Those who currently are caregivers

3. Those who will be caregivers,

4. And those who will need caregivers.

In the ten years since publishing the original volume of Twenty Two Prayer Poems for Care Givers I've learned a great deal more about the necessity of being first of all Care Givers of the Self. The Prayer/Poems have grown and blossomed for me over this decade. More and more they point, like arrows, to the daily choice and opportunity we each have... to learn to take wise and good care of what Tibetan Buddhist's call this "precious human life". Here are a few of the comments received in response to the original hardcopy edition....read more

Please visit my main blog site to read about the other two lovely offerings coming in the next month...

Love all around...

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