Monday, May 2, 2011

Following the Moon: Wisdom Wonder

Wisdom Wonder, Drozda, Encaustic, 2010, 6x4"

'Wisdom Begins in Wonder' Socrates

Welcome to 'Following the Moon'. Today, Monday, May 2, we're on the threshold of the 'Wisdom' Moon cycle which begins tomorrow.

In May there is the deepening opportunity to visualize the wisdom that you carry into your Art/Life walk. Each year at the time of the Spring Equinox we begin again, we're re-birthed if you will, and the canvas, the slate, the stage is clear for starting a new twelve month segment of the Art/Life journey.

The New Moon begins in the early morning hours Tuesday, May 3 and extends through late Friday night, May 7 (EST). Each month during these few days you can reboot your project and visualize where you intend to go during the coming four weeks. As you move into this first week of the cycle use your ability to hold an image of what your goal looks like.

These days are always well spent in looking forward. Gaze toward your biggest opportunity to stretch. This entire year is asking a great deal of us and as artists it's important to be inventive and courageous this moon's keyword suggests: wise.

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  1. Ah, my favorite moon and my favorite part of the lunar cycle too... This is always a creative time for me, new ideas being stirred up in the cauldron, sparks flying up over the rim and into the great bowl of night.

    As a lifelong moon lover, I always enjoy coming here..

  2. Delighted to find your interesting blog!

    All best wishes!

  3. Hi Kerrdelune and Forest Dream weaver I'm so glad that you made your way over to the Luna See of Following the Moon ;-)

  4. love your!

  5. Am doing my stretch. Learning. So much. You r a great blessing. Thank u yap tap tap.


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