Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Following the Moon: God is an Artist

Morning, Drozda, Acrylic/canvas, 36x48", Private Collection

Welcome to 'Following the Moon'. Today, Wednesday, May 11, we're one week into the 'Wisdom' Moon cycle and things are moving in a fast forward mode barreling toward this cycles Full Moon on May 17.
Do you feel the energy charge that's taking place? Yes, you're always busy these days, yet notice the natural world to tune into the true pulse and rhythm of life in its native state. Notice the activity level of the birds as they prepare to fledge the first batch of nestlings. Notice the blast off of trees and flowers. There's the mad dash to reproduce and make the most of the expanded daylight. Being part of the natural world it makes sense that our pace would also quicken as we give birth to new ideas and set the tone for the direction we intend to move throughout this year.

The First Quarter Phase of the Wisdom Moon began Tuesday, May 10 in the late afternoon (EST). It extends though Friday midnight, May 13 and offers the stretch of time devoted to taking action on your goal. First Quarter is always the time to risk. Go someplace or do something that makes you feels a bit edgy. What have you considered applying for? Who do you need to contact? Where are the new materials that you've thought to experiment with? Trust that if it's in conjunction with your Art/Life the encounter will move you in the direction that you want to go.
On Saturday, May 14 the Gibbous Phase begins and up until early morning Tuesday, May 17 there's time to bring in a little left brain engagement. Analyze your project and discern the strength of your preparations so far. Be clear and smart as you reconnect to the emotion that's been propelling you toward this leg of your Heart's Work.

Though the Gibbous Phase connects us to an emotional check and balance the main thrust of this year is logical building. The May cycle is the second step outward following the inward directed Winter season. The days are lengthening and the Wheel is now open and oriented to the outer action direction. During the weeks ahead, ask: 'Why am I here?' 'What do I contribute?'

From this vantage point you can observe the visions for your Art/Life future. From here you can gaze outward and set into motion actions to take as you move forward on your Art/Life journey.

This continued practice of holding a vision, this 'active seeing' will anchor you into a greater 'Wisdom'.

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