Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Following the Moon: Distractions Fly Away

Shakyamuni, Drozda, Private Collection

Welcome to 'Following the Moon'. It's Tuesday, May 17 and we're in the powerful and potent Full 'Wisdom' Moon. My friend Che'usa includes a wonderfully informative post about the power of this Full Moon as a Tibetan Buddhist Festival called Wesak.

This Full Moon extends through Friday evening, May 20. This is an excellent time to remind yourself that the rhythms of these cycles create a mirror. Each month when we come to the Full Moon these several days offer all of us a chance to see our shadow.... look it in the eye.

Honestly looking at our insecurities, confusions, and inner turmoil during the Wisdom cycle may bring us some of the most powerful Art/Life insights and outcomes that we can possibly imagine.

During this cranking up time of the year conceive of, picture, envision, think of, expect, and assume that you can power yourself into another level of Art/Life expression.

I received this quote, attributed to the Tibetan Buddhist saint, Milarepa, from my friend Rita in an email today. Milarepa's words fit this point in the Wisdom cycle beautifully:

Maintain the state of undistractedness, and distractions will fly away. Dwell alone, and you shall find the Friend. Take the lowest place, and you shall reach the highest. Hasten slowly, and you shall soon arrive. Renounce all worldly goals, and you shall reach the highest Goal. If you follow this unfrequented path, you will find the shortest way. If you realize Sunyata (the absolute Emptiness), compassion will arise within your hearts; and when you lose all differentiation between yourself and others, then you will be fit to serve others. ~ Milarepa

Read More...return here to leave a comment or share a few thoughts there ...it'so good to hear how the moon cycles are moving through your Art/Life.

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  1. Your posts are so informative...thank you! As a moon follower I always find this time of year very special and inspiring.
    The painting is lovely when viewed full screen,very serene.

    Best wishes!

  2. Good to hear from you Ruby and I so agree about the energy of this point in the spring cycle ...so much possibility is in the air.

    Thanks for looking at Shakyamuni enlarged...I appreciate your time '-)

  3. Powerful and potent, indeed! It's helpful to know that the fullness extends through tonight. I thought it was waning but I still feel hit by a ton of bricks. Nonetheless, I have looked my shadow in the eye and said, that's it! No more! The light (and all the energy it shares) shall reign. Good to meet you and glad to find your blog (via dreamweaver). Cheers.


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