Monday, April 11, 2011

Following the Moon: The Compositions of Our Lives

Memory Copy after Matisse, Drozda, 1976, Oil on paper, 24x36'

The Artist must summon all his energy, his sincerity, and the greatest modesty in order to shatter the old cliches that come so easily to hand while working, which can suffocate the little flower that does not come, ever, the way one expects.

Welcome to 'Following the Moon'. Today, Monday, April 11, we're ten days into the 'Clarity' Moon cycle. The Clarity Moon cycle opens the door to the Natural Year and is a time of an emergent vision. The overall energy of the entire year suggests that there is important work to be done, foundations to be shored up and focus to attend to.
Are you feeling a larger picture? Are you getting a feeling for the overview of your Natural Year's walk? Can you envison where it may take you? Are you imagining the possibility? Are you sensing your direction?

Seeing the world differently is clearly being required of each of us. Artists are the antenna...
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