Monday, February 7, 2011

Following the Moon: The Heart Soars

Bird Dance, Drozda, Acrylic/canvas, 12x12" 2011

The heart soars up like a bird
From a nest of care
Up, up to a larger sky
To a softer air.

No eye can measure its flight
And no hand can tame;
It mounts in beauty and light,

In music and flame.
Of all the changes of Time
There is none like this;
The heart soars like a bird
At the stroke of bliss.

The Flight of the Heart

 Welcome to Following the Moon and the beginning days of the 'Renewal' Moon cycle. We stepped through the door into this cycle on the New Moon February 2. This is clearly one of my favorite times of year. Between now and Friday the Crescent Phase brings its gifts. Stay in sync with whatever you are currently investigating. You might ask, 'What in my Art/Life could benefit from a bit of revitalization, replenishment, rekindling, repair, restoration or... going for the gold...where do I feel a renaissance taking place?

This is when you can take the time each month to do your focused research.

Delve into the area that you would like to renew. Make inquiries, exploring your options. This very lively place in the Winter/Spring quadrant of The Mystery is a natural intention setting zone.

'Renewal' energy abounds between now and Friday, February 10 (predawn EST). 
I love this quote from Faith by Sharon Salzberg, "...when I complained about feeling inadequate, Khenpo challenged me with, "Why be so anemic? Why not aspire to be a liberated being, for the sake of all beings? Why not? and later she, again quoting Khenpo, "The price of gold goes up and down, but the value of gold remains the same. Your experiences will always change, will go up and down, but what is of innate value in you lies in your awareness and love."

And another renaissance thought form from Igor Stravinsky, "In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love."

All year you are being given the opportunity to put these kinds of teachings into place within the context of your Art/Life realizing that you living in a period of Renaissance right now.

As the Crescent Phase wanes on Friday, February 10, in the predawn (EST) catch the shift that opens the door to the First Quarter Phase when it's all about action pertaining to what you are choosing to renew.

I did a bit of sleuthing this morning and was pleased to find reminders everywhere I looked of how easily attached I get to certain ways of thinking and doing. I notice how I can seize up and go into overwhelm. You know the feeling. So much to do and no way to get it all done.

In my investigation I came upon this gift. I placed it into my calendar so that, in addition to my morning sitting time/formal meditation I will renew myself at midday with a 5 minute breathing break. I've done this several times in the last few days and find that now even when I'm doing other things my breathing is deeper calmer more rooted. Let me know what you think if you give it a try.

I find that this time of year is rather perfect for breaking some sort of pattern of rigidity. Remember that ice is hard yet it's water just the same.

Symbolically there is space now to thaw some aspect of the Art/Life in preparation for movement.

See you next Monday for the Gibbous phase of the Renewal Moon,
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  1. Donna--Sometimes my mind is a hard nut to crack when it comes to talking myself down from a place of overwhelm. When I read your words:"ice is hard yet it's water just the same."--something in me melted too.

    "Bird Dance" is wonderful, funny, exhilarating and makes me think of the egrets and herons that crisscross our local water ways. I'm excited to see the works for your upcoming shows. Will you post them?

  2. oh I love the gold analogy... that is priceless!! xox

  3. Hi Hannah
    thanks I really liked when that phrase popped up too: ice hard...still water.
    How lovely that you felt a shift.

    I will post the new's all coming the wee hours ;-)

    Yes, Cat...I love it too!!

  4. hello- i love your art work! i used to be an artist a long time ago, i started out as a fine art major at college actually. hopefully i will get into more again when i am older--thanks for visiting my place too. and so much info about the moon here! very interesting...i'm learning new things...

  5. Beautiful painting and poem, Thanks for the 'gift'. I must admit I got a little light headed. My meditations don't include deep breathing, but maybe if I did it I would get use to it.

  6. LOVE is clearly being embraced around the globe today...not at all a coincidence...a Universal Awareness!

  7. Your painting makes me feel light hearted, Donna.
    Reading the last line about thawing in preparation for movement brought this quote to mind.

    "Nothing happens until it moves.: - Einstein

  8. Hi Vicki, Eva, Laura and Robyn
    And things are clearly moving aren't they, Robyn...the world is such an interesting place to live the Art/Life at this time...
    yes, Laura
    LOVE...Universal isn't just for dreamers anymore.


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