Monday, January 31, 2011

Following the Moon: Hearty to the Core

Portrait of the Atist as a Young Girl, Drozda, ink on bristol board, 8x10"

Welcome to Following the Moon and the closing days of the Cleansing Moon. Each year we move through the first four weeks of the calendar being able to consciously, or intuitively, clear out the cobwebs. This allows us to refine our commitment and make space for the infusion of Renewal that comes in February.

Since last Saturday, January 29, late in the evening (EST), the Balsamic phase of the Cleansing cycle has been providing time to rest. As you’ve been noticing, week by week, we’re all deep in the quadrant of the year that makes available ample opportunity to hibernate, hunker down, relax, reclaim and rejuvenate. This entire quadrant that extends for just over 90 days carries the quality of The Mystery. Here at the tail end of the Cleansing cycle you might think of it as a vacation within a vacation…you might:

Imagine sinking into a rejuvenating well distilling out the impurities in body, speech and mind.

Imagine a long spa day while you’re on holiday.

Imagine you’re already in a rest and recoup state and you go even deeper by devoting a stretch of time to being inaccessible to the outside world.

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