Monday, September 27, 2010

Following the Moon: The West Gate

Marsh Morning, Drozda, 2003, 14x12",Acrylic on wood

We're more than half way through the Love/Experience cycle for this year: a four week period  focused on a renewed identification with your creative heart.

Welcome to the Disseminating Moon phase, Monday, September 27 through Thursday, September 30 followed by the Third Quarter phase from Friday, September 31 through the early morning of Monday, October 4.
Each month we receive these back to back periods of Disseminating and Third Quarter so that you can place your emphasis upon sharing what you've learned and then give gracious thanksgiving for what your creative focus has manifest throughout the cycle.
Notice what you and your love for your work have to convey. Send your Love vibe out into the world... and Experience your art/life simultaneously quieting at this time.

Suddenly it's more at my new address...
Please return to leave comments here if you find any glitches locking you out over at the new digs...I continue with my learning curve(s) ;-)

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  1. October sure creeped up very quickly! It good to see my Open Studio is nicely aligned with Third Quarter... and yes I feel ready to share.


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