Monday, September 20, 2010

Following the Moon: Feeling the Wobble

March Morning, Drozda 2007, 16x16" Acrylic on board

Greetings from Luna See! We’re in the Love Moon cycle and it’s an exciting place on the wheel with the Full Moon and the Fall Equinox on Thursday, September 23. Remember to keep up the gentle tap tap tap to your sternum helping to open up the heart all through this cycle. Feel as connected as possible to your love of life. Love of life incorporates sharing the work of your heart. I suppose that’s why so many of us became artists in the first place. Each of us has a voice and a vision and there is that Muse within that urges us, beyond all obstacles and challenges, to continue and to continue to share what we see and feel with the world. How magnificent that we are so very courageous that we will climb mountains and at times fall and feel crushed in valleys yet our love for our worldview keeps us keeping on.

Tap. Tap Tap.

This is a grand cycle that offers you the opportunity to consider what big push to ‘show the Love’ is now ready to be tempered. It’s time to begin to notice (for the coming six months) what comes without your needing to ‘make it happen’.

That doesn’t mean that anything in your more at my new blog address


  1. Every time I read one of your new posts, it's as if you have a ringside seat to what is happening in my life. I always feel so much better after visiting your blog. Tap, tap, tap....

  2. your posts have so much about the moon that I have not thought or known about-- and it always seems to fit the mood or time or happening of the moment.

  3. Donna, I'm so much in favor of letting what wants to come, come, and, correspondingly, what wants to leave, leave. Thank you for this reminder--I needed it!

  4. Hello Meg, Donna and Hannah...I so appreciate your taking the time to jockey back n' forth to leave comments as I attend to creating a smooth flow toward my new blog platform and address...seems fitting to be on this odd little wobble point at this time of year...

    For us all: see the wobble, find its gifts.

    ahhh...feels better already.


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