Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wren House Wednesday

Wren House Cove, Drozda 2010 

Many years ago I began to ask the Muses for my home "in nature, on water, where I could do my work." As mentioned recently, I am now in my 14th year at beautiful Wren House.

Osprey Roost, Drozda 2010

I have a love affair going on with raptors. It lifts my spirit each time I see the swoop, soar or sit of a hawk, eagle, owl or Turkey Vulture. I know that we as humans can solve any problem because in the 70's, thanks to Rachel Carson, and her 1962 classic Silent Spring we learned that DDT was the cause of the near extinction of many of these large hunters. Ingesting fish contaminated with the poison caused the eggshells to crush under the weight of the nesting parents. Now I give thanks every day for those who 'think different' and visualize what's possible. And I am so deeply grateful that I live with these beauties floating high above the house calling to one another, training their young to fish and sitting here in the tallest pine at water's edge.

Great Blue, Drozda 2010

Here in the same pine tree, a few boughs lower roosts a Great Blue Heron. There are actually three of them in this tree at the time this shot was taken...they don't usually hang out together so I'm guessing it was a family unit.

Canada Geese and Guard, Drozda 2010

And here closer to the ground we have this years brood of Canada Geese goslings. There are many more of them too. At any given time, during this time of year, I can look to the garden and the side yards to see the newbies being brought up to graze the lawns and forage under the feeders. You might be wondering about the large White Goose. She's a guard goose that lives with the resident Canadas. She is always near by. Year after year every spring when the eggs hatch the babies imprint on her just as they do their parents and she protects them vigorously from all threats, including:

Reynard, Drozda, 2010

Dear Reynard...who just wants to be about the business of feeding her brood.

So there you have a little stroll about 'The Wren' on a Wednesday afternoon.

~May you sing the day


  1. Peaceful observation of natural beauty.

    Thank you.

  2. Wonderful photography! I too have a love affair with raptors. We have alot of red-tailed hawks soaring about here in south eastern Ohio. I am always exhilerated to see a rare bald eagle really makes my day.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. enjoyed the tour of the wren house!
    you are lucky to have so much of inspiration right in your backyard:)

  4. Great photos! I love watching the wild life too. Mainly birds, bunnies, and the eagles. And the local herd of cows - all those little ones are so much fun when they run around!

  5. Oh these are such wonderful photos Donna! I find it so hard to get good bird shots, so I am really admiring your ability to capture them so well :)
    I just love knowing you are in your nature surrounded home, by the water nurtured by , and nurturing, all these beautiful creatures!! love love love, K

  6. What a great place you live Iona - I'm seconding Karin's comments on your fotos - my bird shots usually end up managing to capture a foot as the rest of the bird vanishes out of the view screen LOL!

  7. Thanks Wild Magnolia...I take this as a true compliment as I enjoy the images that you have captured and shared.

    Susan when I lived in Ohio (NE0 near the lake) I was always watching the red not so much...we mostly have Osprey and now Bald Eagles have returned which is simply stunning.

    Hi about inspiration...I really found the experiment that you took part in truly wonderful...the more I think about it the more interesting the concept becomes.

    I think it would be pretty distracting if I threw cows into the mix...they're so dang cute...i wouldn't be able to take my eyes off of them.

    Hey K and Kadira...well 'thankyaverrrymuch' I guess we have the best roosting trees...some days these guys will sit in a tree for hours and just take in the view....pretty fabulous.

  8. Simply wonderful, Donna! What a happy place to live!

  9. Thanks for the wonderful tour! Such a varied crew that you have to keep track of. What fun!

  10. What a great place to live and work. I mentioned your blog on mine--the osprey in my town chose to nest on a light pole this year.

  11. Thanks Sharmon, Zen Dot and Hallie...I really love how the blogosphere allows us to step through space and visit one another's view of the world....there is so much beauty to share and celebrate.


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