Sunday, May 16, 2010

Following the Moon

The Bodhisattva, Drozda 2001
48x60 Acrylic/canvas

The second phase of each moon cycle is called the Crescent. It comes three days after the New Moon. The new moon started Friday, May 14. Since then perhaps you've noticed that some new opening(s) has occured for you. I've noticed that in my own life. I've got a large and challenging project before me as I step into this new walk around the natural year.  And I have enjoyed seeing how Claudine and Sharmon are posting 'brand new' news. Be sure to pay attention and celebrate yours.

Stay connected to your current passion, your artist dream. 

It's here, this week, where we can place our focus upon the plan for our goal. The Crescent phase offers this space each and every month/ cool is that!! 

Now we won't be naive and think that we're giving the Universe a shopping list of things we think we deserve. It isn't like that. It's more grown up than wishful thinking. It's recognizing and owning our gifts and our talents and realizing that this 'ain't no dress rehearsal'. ..I tend to look at, and experience, this part of the monthly cycle as if I am tending the seed vision that I recently planted.  During the Crescent phase I observe that seed as it begins to push up and down simultaneously...root down, shoot up toward the light. We can't make that happen...that's a natural unfolding...its instinctive, that's the Crescent phase.

Journal page, Drozda
10.5x8" ballpoint pen on paper

Next step: between Thursday, May 20 and May 24, take a specific action. That time period will be the First Quarter phase. Put it on your calendar: a specific action between Thursday and next Monday! Take intiative. Express some aspect of your artist vison and the dream that lives in your gut that you yearn to give birth to. Make a phone call, write an important letter, start the new series, pick up your camera, go exploring, set up your work area, scope out the gallery or on-line shop get the idea.   

See what it feels like for you. Share your action in the comments and we'll all learn as we go.
Some excellent words to apply in thinking, conversation and generally moving through life this week are: growth, positive assertion, opportunity, motion, movement, development, breaking away.

Thanks Julie for asking, in the last post's comment section, "what comes after May 14?" I hope this brief post will give you some ideas for engaging in the start of the 'Wisdom/Illumination' moon cycle.

Journal page, Drozda
10.5x8" ballpoint pen on paper

Bottom line, as so many before us have demonstrated ...(listen all creatives who are now hooking ourselves onto the chain of all the artists who have ever lived and worked throughout time)...follow your passion, your bliss, your awareness of your skills. Be reminded as you gently apply the lunar cycles to your studio time that there is no one, ever before, who as had your artist eye, your artist soul and your artist opportunity to shine like the star that you are. Aren't we so blessed that you're here...yuppers we sure are!!

~Sing to your Muse...she loves that.


  1. i've been noticing the moon again now that i no longer live in a forest area. its great to see it and after reading this post i will have new thoughts about it.
    i love your colors in the first photo...and your sketches are interesting, very feminine and earthy.

  2. I absolutely love the painting you have posted "The Bodhisattva"... its beautiful!! Fluid and Feminine! I am loving and enjoying your posts about the Moon phase... keep them coming! Now I am curious to know... what next?

  3. wonderful to 'look up' and to remember that there is more than meets the eye.

    Joyita...Thanks! I really am so happy that this painting appeared, she always buoys my spirit. thanks also for the feedback on the Moon phase posts...I've been a teacher of phase work for two decades but it was Alyson and Cynthia who gave me the nudge to post here.

    What's next? come back and see next Monday (moonday) for the next installment of 'Following the Moon' ;-)

  4. Thank you for this...
    "there is no one, ever before, who as had your artist eye, your artist soul and your artist opportunity to shine like the star that you are. Aren't we so blessed that you're here."
    and for the challenging quote from you journal page.
    I am going to follow this journey of the Moon..thank you for much for taking us along! hug, hug

  5. I am going to take some positive action this week- get 'powered' up - update my website and some other deadlines-- your post is giving me encouragement to get to work..

  6. Thanks so much Julie and Donna...I appreciate your feedback tremendously as I 'open this door' here at Art Life to share with's a stunning practice to relax into the cycles and the phases...I call it "Putting the art life onto feminine time"...there will be more about that coming up.

  7. I guess I am also "tending the seed vision that I recently planted". It is nice to be in my studio again experimenting. I'm looking forward to the Thursday, May 20 and the First Quarter phase
    to where my journey goes.
    Love reading your predictions and seeing your wonderful art.

  8. The Bodhisattva painting is the images and the colors and the way everything intertwines and flows. Okay, I have my goal for the week and "Take Action" is written in red on my calender. I'll let you know what happens.

  9. Hi Eva, I hope that all readers here stop over to see your recent experiments. You're showing us just how to use this magnificent time.

    Thanks Kay, I love the whole message of the Bodhisattva as a model for what's possible.

    Glad you got the 'Take Action' piece written in your too...we'll all look forward to hearing how that unfolds for you.

  10. I have been watching the moon from my new bedroom window and now I have some help in understanding what its trying to tell me. Now the moon can be more than just beauty in the sky, it can be my new co-conspirator!

  11. It's so true...the more we become conscious of 'looking up' the more the pattern of time can calm down. Instead of rushing through a 24 hour day we can learn to s t r e t c h into three day long segments that mirror the phases...and each of the 8 phases offers a gentle creative flow...a spiral dance 'round the year...29.6 days at a time....ahhh no need to rush.

  12. I'm always struck by the way which different spiritual paths mirror the phases of the moon--and the way in which no matter what path it is--there are always the eternal cycles of beginning, blossoming, fading away and returning again. Your blog helps me slow down and remember...thank you:)

  13. Dear Iona,

    Though some would say it was just by chance and others might argue it was meant to be that I would come to your site this evening. It has no doubt been a very long time since I have looked in or even commented.

    Tonight's visit is meaningful in a number of ways, as my planet is the moon and since i have suspended my blogs for the time being, I have reconnected with my creative side and found myself working on several new art pieces these last seven to ten days, considering I had not been very creative all year with the exception of one painting.

    The current pieces take a photographic vision and elevate and refine it into the scissors and glue route, as I am referring to the abstract discovers on Berkeley's telephone poles. However, I still find myself on uncharted territory as the vision has not fully developed itself, but progress is being made.

    Now I must be off and read your previous posts.

    Best wishes,

  14. Iona, as I always mention, reading your blog is like diving into a peaceful quiet place. I just love the words you choose to express your thoughts. While walking around Rehoboth Beach the other night I looked up at the moon and it was beautiful! Just a sliver of it. It reminded me of you.
    There is this quote I love: “The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand.”

  15. Hi Hannah...and thank you too...I so hear what you are saying and I adore that about our world..everything is woven into an exquisite tapestry...pull one thread and everything vibrates...coming and going and coming back again. Don'tcha love it.

    Oh Hi are such a lovely surprise, especially since you did say you were taking your three month healing break...but then look what's come...your painting. I look forward to seeing what's come to meet you as you delve deeper into the Berkley Poles series...what I saw last is so very stellar!!

    Dora that sliver of the silver moon hanging over Rehoboth Beach is my very favorite sky gift each and every was too cloudy here to see but hopefully tonight we can 'look up' together and smile.

    The quote feels so 'ee cumminngs' to too brings a smile..."the night walked down the sky" that is so excellent.


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