Friday, May 21, 2010

What's Your Program?

'Balinese Brahaman sculpture'
Journal page, Drozda
Drozda photo

I went to Bali for a month long retreat and while there I had the delightful pleasure of learning the phrase, "What's your program?"
On the days when a driver would arrive to take me to visit different places on the 'Island of Artists' he would ask that question: 'What's your program?'. It made me further aware of the usefulness of having a daily focus and the helpfulness for all in being able to communicate what that focus is succinctly.

 So, What's Your Program?

We're in the First Quarter phase of this moon cycle and it's a grand time to be knowing 'what's your program' and to be taking an action in that direction. This energy will extend right through the weekend so enjoy the opportunity to increase Wisdom (the focus point for this whole cycle) in the direction that you love to face and keep in mind that when 'Following the Moon' there is no race. 

'Girls Painted Hands', Drozda 2010
nontoxic ink on hands

This is a photo from last weeks Saturday in the Studio at the Contemporary Art center of Virginia...invariably there is the week when some of the young artists decide that their program is body decoration. I let them have at it.

I hope that you enjoy your creative program as much as they did.

 ~May you sing the day


  1. ugh...wonder why i feel horrible right now. stuck. thick. dead. empty. so much for a new cycle :(

  2. What's my program? I'm thinking on it now, after reading your post.

    Body art, love it. Kids love it, as to kids at heart.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I adore visitor's.

    Learning to sing the day.

    Happy, happy to you.

  3. broke my wrist on friday right art/life wrist...on we go...i don't think stuck is a bad place, paula, when you can identify it as such...stuck will pass...stuck is part of the ebb n' flow...thick, dead, empty...likewise...natural feelings from time to time anf it is powerful to be courageous enough to say it teachers all.

    hi wild magnolia...i and their freedom inspire me continously

  4. "What's your program?" great question and today I have one and that is to try out a new technique. Nice to know the moon cycle is in my favor! Love the fun creative photos from the CACV.

  5. i am sorry to hear about your wrist, let alone your art wrist. and you are right about stuck.
    things have to break, to stick, to do whatever they are going to do and it's just another chance to do things differently, learn, reject, accept etc. easy to say this but when its in your face that is when you find out how much resiliency you have where you need to work.
    i send YOU my own form of reiki energy for that wrist!

  6. I love the "words what's your program?" I would have to say with great irony that mine is "striking a balance"--or trying to. With the pull of the weekend, wisdom comes to me through my missteps, mistakes and just plain mess-ups! The tipping point comes when I pause after discovering a mistake and the world cracks open, just for a moment, & some new piece of knowledge, fresh as a newly hatched baby turtle pokes its head out!

  7. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy following your is a delight to be in our own flow isn't it.

    Paula THANKS your long distance healing vibe really helped my wrist ;-)

    What you describe is so appropos for the Wisdom cycle... "some new piece of knowledge, fresh as a newly hatched baby turtle pokes its head out!"
    That's wonderfully wise visual!

  8. Donna, I'm so sorry to hear about your wrist! I hope it heals well, and quickly. The words, "what's your program?" have provoked a lot of thought for me. I'm thinking the problem may be that I have no program.

  9. I read a travel memoir about Bali-- and it is considered a very happy laid back place- I can just see them asking "what is your program?"-


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