Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wabi Sabi e-studio

I've been imaging ways to 'move a house', that is to open up to new forms of creative exchange.

As a way to ignite this process I'll start a series of on-line e-studios this spring.

The first will be an exploration of the imperfect beauty of Wabi Sabi, an ancient Japanese aesthetic. Last year I began offering studios to explore this concept at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia. The range of work that has emerged is dynamic and inspired.

To prepare the way to offer an e-class I'm learning how to translate a studio to an e-format... and I'm taking photographs of Wabi Sabi imagery to post on the class site. Here in the west there's no real frame of reference for the juxtapostion between nature and human that defines the Wabi Sabi world. That frees us to provide our own sense of discovery. We begin by traveling with camera in hand noticing what we notice before entering the studio to create a contemporary work.

Celebrate what inspires you today.

drozda photos: twig reflection, knife marks on cookie sheet, tree and fence rail


  1. Hello, Hello!
    First a comment on your previous post, love the paintings. The larger oval shape in the paintings is reminiscent of the Our Lady of Guadalupe shape. An Iconic image.
    The Wabi Sabi photos are lovely, I'm taken with the Cookie Sheet photo.
    I think that its interesting that you posted this, while I was taken with a red hibiscus and a toned canvas!

  2. I slid the pizza off the cookie sheet last week and saw those patterns (from years of knives cutting into the surface) and I had to grab the camera being reminded of a deep moody Sarn's Brother motif.
    Thanks for the Lady of Guadalupe nod...yes...I hadn't keyed in but of course there it is...these paintings literally leapt onto the canvas and were delivered the same day they arrived...I don't think that's ever happened before...

    I hope you have Feb. 13, Thursday, on the docket for a visit to Tri-C east Gallery...where we met two years ago(no pressure)'s the 'Simplicity Symposium' opening...I'll have four new works in the Art Therapy Grads exhibition.

  3. The paintings are that much more interesting given their quick birth. How long did they gestate? Now there's a question for all of our creations... and from what place do they arise?
    I plan to make over to Tri-C, it recently crossed my mind, I was hoping I hadn't missed it.
    Oh and have fun with the snow! (just like Ohio for you :)

  4. I started the canvases (6 of them) last weekend... knowing that I had a delivery date of January 21 for 2 of the 6...I don't ever push up so close against a deadline...but that's just the reality of the schedule right now...and it worked.
    I'm so glad that you'll be able to make it over to the 'Simplicity' Symposium opening on Feb.13.

  5. The Wabi-Sabi e-class sounds great, Donna! Can I play too?

  6. Hi Sharmon...I'll be happy to let you know when wabi Sabi is up and ready to go...most likely by end of March

  7. I have always been intrugued by the wabu sabi concept. your images capture it beautifully.

  8. I love wabi-sabi of course-- am exploring this aesthetic myself-- love your images here very much and look forward to more of them.
    thanks for coming by my blog and leaving a comment.

  9. Thanks so much Seth and Donna for popping over to have look at my cookie sheet Wabi Sabi :-)

  10. It sounds like a great class. I'm also enjoy exploring wabi-sabi and photography is a wonderful way to express it. I like your photos very much.


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