Thursday, January 28, 2010

Art Heart

I was born the day after Valentine's day so needless to say its always been dear to my heart... so when I was invited to exhibit in the 'Red Velvet' show at Shooting Star Gallery I was excited to see what would are the two 24x20 canvases that I'll deliver today.
'Bodhicitta Heart' and 'Fire in the Lake'.

'bodhichitta heart '/ 'fire in the lake '24x20 mixed media/canvas


  1. They're both gorgeous, i love the warm colors and ofcourse the heart.....

  2. Donna, these are fantastic! I love the colors, the energy! May they remain to dispel the misery of all sentient beings!

  3. I have always loved the subconscious imagery you depict in your work and the movement you create with the paint. I also think these two paintings are some of your best work yet. Happy Birthday and keep on painting.

  4. Thanks Theresa! You've certainly got a history of seeing my style and imagery evolve...and don't we want to be expressing our best as we travel thanks for the observation!

    Thank you Momo and Sharmon too...these have been fun to work on and it felt good to deliver them to Shooting Star yesterday...just before a huge snow storm comes this way!

  5. Just came upon your lovely blog Donna and found to my amazement that you have my blog in your favorites list. Thank you. I will definately add you to my blog list too, now that I have found you.

  6. Your style of painting intrigues me. They certainly have an energy about them. Enchanting!


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