Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wren Wonderland

The newspaper reports that there hasn't been a snowfall such as this for more than twenty years, nine inches measured at the's Virginia Beach and the most we get, up until today, is a powder sugar dusting.
These photographs were taken just as things were getting going on Saturday morning...I particularly like the snow on the Canada's back and the Mourning Dove settling in on the back porch.
There is minimum snow removal equipment so the next few days will be interesting as we need to begin to move about again...right now it's all about play.

drozda photos: snow on camillia japonica, mourning dove, canada geese in cove


  1. I was excited for you when I read that the snow was headed for you, staying far south from it's usual targets! Hope you enjoyed the snow play in winter wonderland, and weren't too inconvenienced by it all!
    xox K

  2. Such's been a great treat...didn't have to get out on the roads at all...until yesterday... and that gave the 'one snowplow' time to move some of the heavy remaining slush off of the main road :-)


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