Thursday, October 1, 2009

SPCA Animal Artz

The Virgina Beach SPCA will be having a fundraiser and there is a call for art made from recyclables for an exhibition titled 'Once is Not Enough'.
I'm throwing my hat into the ring with these three entries. The Jack Russell is fashioned after my pup Valentine. The 'rac-a-wan' is to honor my friend Sir John and his band of bandits living in his back yard for 16 years. And the fox to express my delight and surprise when, last week, an adolescent followed Val and I down the dark winding road for more than a quarter of a mile, right to our driveway....curious of us as we were of him.
All are made from recycled materials, the fox has wisteria seed eyes and nose.
'Val' 12" high x 25" long: plastic shopping bags, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, brown paper bags.

'Fox' 13" high x 19" long: plastic shopping bags, cereal boxes, brown paper bags, wisteria seeds

'Racawan' 7.5" high x 30" long: plastic shopping bags, cereal boxes, brown paper bags, toilet paper rolls, found rubber discs

All are painted with Acrylics.


  1. I love the whole idea, and your entries are charming!

  2. these are fantastic donna! Val's dog stretch over her ball is classic :) each is full of wonderful character and fabulous for the recycling reuse feature of material use. bravo!!

  3. thanks so much S & K...such fun!

  4. D-
    Our local park district is running a few months long event with all sorts of activities centered around "discARTed". There have been school workshops, there will be an art show with art entered that uses recycled materials.
    This week I'll be teaching a jewelry making class using the same theme, next month a collage workshop.
    And here's your wonderful creations! Which I may share w/ a co-worker who teaches 3-d design, if that's alright w/ you?

  5. Hey they say "ideas come from outa space..." I love the discARTed play...that's excellent...
    yes by all means share away and here's a link on same topic...with one of my kids pieces featured.


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