Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gently Down the Stream

Great day for my own back yard.


  1. oh, I wish I could be gliding along with you... :)

  2. really.
    it is a magic world.
    what I have yet to catch on camera are the rising and falling egrets appearing and then silently dropping away in the marsh grass.

  3. Hello Donna,
    Is this really your backyard? What a wonderful spot. I also wish I could be gliding along with you.

  4. Hi Theresa
    My back yard looks very much like this...this is however just a wee bit down the road at a saltwater marsh. My yard is on a fresh water lake...either way this is my 'back yard'...just slip the kayak into the water and off we go.

  5. Exquisite!!

    Once upon a time, the Caribbean Sea was my backyard, and I was a little dolphin ...

    "rising and falling egrets" ... lovely image ...

    In beauty ... Thank you :-)


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