Friday, September 25, 2009

Egrets post for Sharmon

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Sharmon made a request and so here...
are the three paintings posted yesterday from the series 'Bird Watching'.
Titled: 'Lake Smith #1', 'Lake Smith #2' and 'Daybreak'.
Each work is on canvas 20 x 24" and in each I'm playing with my customary layers and scratchings. In #1 and #2 the flower centers are filled with glitter glue and just to play with the surface a bit more I've varnished all three in combinations of flat and gloss to give the impression of water reflecting juxtaposed with the dull quality of the early morning fog.
Thanks and enjoy Sharmon!

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  1. dangit, i just wrote a long comment and it disappeared when i hit post comment... that happens too often. needless to say, love the paintings :) xox k


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