Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bird's Eye

As 'Memoir in Two Chapters' unfolded from June 8-September 11 this little trio of new paintings took their place at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia for the Faculty Exhibit.

They're from the current series 'Birdwatching'. I've been a bird watcher all my life. Recently I've been enjoying the elegant and focused beauty of watching Egrets move about in the cove. I can see them from my kitchen window or my garden. They are highly independent and most often solitary and yet from time to time they will consent to sharing the shoreline, particularly when the Cormorants are herding fish beneath the surface waters...a great ballet, a wonderful sight.

A college student recently reviewed one of the Egret paintings in this series titled 'Still Point' .

And for those interested in a lovely artist newsletter visit Heron Dance. A recent quote:

The most demanding part of living a lifetime as an artist is the strict discipline of forcing oneself to work along the nerve of one's own most intimate sensitivity. -Anne Truitt sculptor.


  1. Hey D, always great to see your paintings. The presentation that the college student did was a lot of fun to go through! She/he did a really nice job, and it was great to get to see some close up images of your painting there.
    It's a lovely series - I didn't realize egrets were solitary birds, even though I always only see one at our neighborhood 'lake'! Thanks for sharing the Heron Dance link - i've only seen it in the hard copy form, which is quite beautiful.
    soar on, my friend,
    xox k

  2. Donna, these paintings are very cool, as always. I really like the Powerpoint describing the symbolism, too. One complaint, though- I want to see large versions of the paintings, in their entirety! Awesome!


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