Sunday, October 4, 2009

Maps as Metaphors

Today I was at the Rawls Museum Arts in Courtland, VA presenting 'Maps as Metaphors: Charting Your Own Identity' using the inspiration of Sun Bear's circular Earth Calendar/Medicine Wheel as our entrance point.
With the wheel plus Angeles Arrien's Signs of Life the eight artists participating went off into the beautiful afternoon to create works inspired by the creative journeys they are currently interested in mapping.
Bravo!! to Sandy Lupton for all of the organizing skills that made the day hum. And thanks so much to the other artists in the circle: Donna, Barbara, Brenda-Gail, Twila, Jill, Ragan and Jenine. The works that came out of our studio time were an inspiration for this entrance point into the 'Underworld' of the feminine that is upon us for the coming six months.
This is a powerful time to consider what you will invest in between Fall Equinox and Spring Equinox. See if you can let yourself 'BE' as often as possible.

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