Thursday, June 4, 2009

Of The Earth

The woman with the wagon served as a metaphor. She helped me to see how I felt. I studied her. I was drawn to her silent way of moving through the world. No fuss. No muss. Simply focused upon her task. She had a garden. She communed with the earth in a way that no one that I knew had demonstrated. She seemed to have no other life. She was in fact OF THE EARTH. As a young artist learning to calm down and listen to my inner voice I knew instinctively that I could benefit from this.
Back indoors at my work table I would insert bones giving the figure a necessary armature to be able to 'stand up' to the world. I would sometimes turn the drawings around in my mind's eye, looking in reverse, in order to train my eye to see from all directions.
The two drawings done in from life on newsprint the other in the studio on vellum. 1973.


  1. hi d, i love your stooped and softly drawn, strongly felt woman of the earth. I feel her movement as steady and constant with a focused intent on that basic thing of bring forth life... xox k

  2. Thanks K
    Ahh..."bring forth life"...that is what the artist does day upon day isn't it. Fits.


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