Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Speaking of Gardens

My maternal grandmother Julia Toth, my angel Alice Twitchell and my Street Raking Woman all inspired me to plant some seeds, learn to compost and start an artist's garden.

I loved reading about Monet and his inspiration. The idea of living, growing changing plants ever reflecting the light and the weather; an organized place to walk and observe, to live and breathe in the rich color and the eternal ongoing process of life and death...a great mirror for reflection.
This felt like a healing direction in which to travel.

This garden was created using a traditional Williamsburg design by the home's husband and wife team of artist/builders. They were the sole owners. After their deaths the house sat empty for two years. The gardens grew over completely and the House Wrens moved in sleeping on the high roofed porch posts. When my partner and I discovered the snoozing balls of feathers we knew who really 'owned' this magic garden! There were many surprises including my first ever sight of a mole cricket (!!) as the paths were cleared and the beauty of the garden's of Wren House revealed their 'bone structure' .

The painting 'Summer Home' is Acrylic on canvas, 18x18 inches shown with two views of this mornings garden at Wren House.


  1. How beautiful and tranquil; I would love to just sit in that garden, relax, and take in all the beauty of the plants there. Great painting too!

  2. looks as though you also have an excellent view...isn't is grand just to take it all in...
    Walt Whitman called it 'looking long and long'...is seems as though you can do that.

  3. I love "Summer Home"!
    Lots of wonderful energy!
    esp love the bird taking it's bath!


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