Monday, September 8, 2008

On the Road Again

Hanna moved through without leaving us anything other than leaf litter on the it when the hurricane force wears itself out naturally.

And now we're off...well I am anyway. Don't you just love a road trip? This is a lovely trip 'back home' through the soft curving mountains of the Allegheny range and up into the farm lands and woods of the glacial moraines of Ohio. Petrol prices aside, the leaving of one place and the turning toward another seems a bit necessary for mental health from time to time. The winding road, the distance from here to there, the way thoughts wander as the miles unfold.
I particularly love the opportunity to look over my shoulder and see my day to day pattern from a distance. And the coming home to those we love is always the very of course ya gotta go someplace first :-)

There will be a lot of art/life packed into this two weeks...a new grand niece to meet, that will be so fantastic in itself. And then there is the FAVA Gallery opening fun on Sunday. If you're in the Oberlin area hop over to see the beauty that Lynne Lofton and I will be sharing.

Throughout the time away I'll get to see many of my Lifecycle clients for updates and energy tune-ups, something that benefits us at any time don'tcha think (energy tune-ups we're talkin' here). In addition I will present 4 different workshops (two of them in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park with all of its amazing fall beauty, the photo with this post is from my last Creativity Salon at Hines Hill Conference Center in the park). And, last but not least, I am so happy that I have been recommended to meet with the Program Director at the Cleveland Clinic to learn about their new Art and Medicine Institute. I'm deeply moved when I can share my 40 year history and love of creativity as a healing tool.

All this plus the best of times with dear old friends (and new) will give this experience the most wonderful glow from beginning to end.
Happy Trails to you too!


  1. happy trails to you D, I'll be thinking of your often while you're away. I look forward to hearing about the treasures you gather along the road...
    much love, K

  2. I love your blog! I hope your time is wonderful (I'm envious!). I still want to connect with you about a salon sometime in the future. I look forward to seeing you back at CAC.


  3. Hi Amy and dearest K...Thanks to BD I have a bit o' techno savvy and check in on gmail and blog as I'm away.
    The exhibition at FAVA is looking fabulous. I brought 70 pieces of work and all by one large canvas made it in...with plenty of breathing space ont he walls and such gorgeuous work by Lynne Lofton.


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