Saturday, September 6, 2008

Here comes Hanna

They're calling it a tropical storm. The sky is darkening instead of lighting up and the trees are beginning to dance in large circular patterns high high overhead. There will be no computer use the remainder of the day and my hope and prayer is that the car can be loaded with 70 paintings between Hanna's passing by and Ike's arrival. ...sometime on Monday.
Batteries, water, extra ice, food stocks, all in if there was just a way to prepare the solar plexus we'd be in business.
This is a test. This is only a test.


  1. Safest of travels to you - prep, departure and arrival, there and back! Hope you have a wonderful time teaching, showing, and being back in Ohio ;)
    stay dry....
    love you, K

  2. we were spared by Hanna and the yard clean up has even been slight.
    Happy new laptop...what did you get? I'm looking to add one on when I get home...I feel just a bit 'neek-ed' traveling away from the techno connection for 12 whole (hole) days...but it could be real good email no files...hiking here I come.

  3. I got a macbook air. It's light and easy for my paws - and it did finally sync with my iMac, so all is flowing again.
    I've sent you a couple of different emails over the last two days and they are returning undeliverable. I've been able to send to all others, so something is still snagging with your account - or our accts! Your trip seems well timed - email needs a time out!! At least I can still get through here :)
    happy hiking, xoxK

  4. OH happy you...2 Macs to play with and create on grand is that.

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I have checked with both my webserver and my email provider and there are no discernable issues...***except*** that many of my emails are not getting to people and clearly my mail box is not fielding the numbers that it usually does...I'm starting to switch over to gmail for the time being, but this is grrrrrrrrrrr.

  5. this is the perfect hurricane painting! I love all the elements swirling around the mystical beast!
    (and, safe travels)


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