Thursday, September 4, 2008

Family Tree

As I prepare to drive north for the FAVA Gallery opening on September 14 and various and sundry workshop presentations, I realize that it's my first trip back home since my parents have departed, and the family home, gathering spot, has a new family living in it, new kids playing in the yard with the dog. However there is the joy of a new great niece who has just arrived
and so on we go....the family tree ever replenishing its roots with our remains.


  1. have a safe journey to ohio. i'll try to make it to oberlin to see you and your work!
    mary ann

  2. Hey Indigo girl
    thanks for the well wishes...the tropical storm has moved on through and Monday morning I load up the chariot...I know that it's a long haul for you to come to Oberlin...if you can make it please plan to stay for a while afterward. I would love it if you could join a small group of artist's for din. All terrific contacts who would benefit by meeting you and knowing about your upcoming Wednesdays at the soon to be White Dog Barn/Studio.


Thanks for stopping '-)