Thursday, September 11, 2008

I wonder if I can do this

I made the was kinda white knuckle for the very long haul through PA in a driving rain with fog laying thick. Of course there are the ever present 18 wheelers curving down the mountain at their breakneck speeds...but once, outa the dark weather tunnel, the Ohio sky became clear and brilliant and I forgot the hard part. To see how it felt please click on the Beyond Words link. My dear soul friend and magnifico artist Karin gave me a picture worth a thousand words in her entry for this very day.

The 'I wonder if I can do this' title refers to my lack of imagery to upload for this post... but look... even that has been resolved with K's work standing in for today.

At the gallery all is looking wonderfully fresh and inviting. All but one of my 70 paintings were able to hang beautifully in the old historic space. Lynne Lofton's ceramics are pure delight and her view of life is where our exhibition title 'A Mild Obsession' comes from. Clearly this is an oxymoron as we are sharing with all who can make the trek to FAVA Gallery in Oberlin during this next 5 weeks.


  1. Hey D,
    I knew if you left me a comment, there was a good chance I'd find an entry on your blog to read about your journey, and yeah! there is! Great to hear your paintings are beautifully installed and am sure the show will be amazing. SO wish I could be there in person.
    Thank you for your appreciation and sharing of my images - I'm honored to be of help while you are on the road...
    much love, Karin

  2. ugh! i have been on route 80 in pennsylvania with trucks bearing down on me in bad weather. that's the worst! glad you made it and it's just a story now.


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