Friday, September 26, 2008

A Wonderful Journey

This is the Creativity Salon gang on September 20 at the close of two weeks of wonderful art/life in my old stomping grounds of Ohio.

My time away started with 20 terrific Art Therapy students at Tri-C Main Campus where I presented a workshop titled 'HALT, METTA and the Bodhichitta Heart'. Next day came the opening at FAVA GAllery, a beautiful exhibition with my pal Lynne Lofton wonderfully attended by many old friends and new. For me there was a blast from the past when Larry Plank came up to re-introduce himself after 30 years. He remembered my days back then of driving to church bazzar's with an easle in the back of my pick up truck. I would draw portraits of children from life for $2.50. The lines of parents with children would form. I'd work swiftly to capture a likeness in charcoal a practice that helped me learn anatomy and instantaneous critical review. What a surprising memory he delivered!

It's so fine to see paintings find their forever homes and that too happened a bit at the FAVA opening. As the afternoon came to an end the last gasps of hurricane Ike swept through the region wiping out electricity and bringing in another level of it camping out. I did that for 36 hours at 'Hummer House' a wonderful home in the woods bordering the National Park land where I was staying. When the 'lectric went out so did the well pump thus no water, no plumbing of any kind. Camping out. In bed with a flash light at 8pm hunkered down with Merle's Door a good dog story and a great read.

I had the joy of spending an afternoon with 20 college students at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association's Environmental Education Center bringing them ideas for combining Science and Creativity in my 'Scientivity' program which they can weave into their biodiversity lessons with the year long sixth grade residential program.

I also so enjoyed offering a private salon for a great women's art group who call themselves 'The Art Junkies'. Being with them and hearing their tales helped me get set for the last day and the Salon with the 20 of us pictured above. The 'Love...Your Life...Creativity Salon took place at Hines Hill, a magical place in the National Park. Anytime that I can be there with a group of creatives is a wonderland.

As the days unfolded there was time for family, friends and business including a meeting at the Cleveland Clinic's new Art and Medicine Institute. It's so fine to consider a holistic approach consciously being woven into the workings of this major medical center.

I remind myself that the ability to return to wellness funnels through both the Fine/Expressive Arts and the Medical/Healing Arts. As individuals we have the opportunity to research each of these dynamic pathways toward evolution personally and globally. Creating a mix and a blend that can serve to bring us back into a state of balance even if we don't necessarily 'recover' completely from what ails us.
I am ever grateful for the steps that unfolded for me when I needed to find my way back h'om'e following dire straits. This two week journey brought me back into contact with many of the environments, individuals and circumstances that facilitated that grand adventure.

Thank you to each and every one.


  1. It sounds like your trip has been wonderful. You will always be one of my heroines!

  2. Hey D,
    What a full and rich sounding couple of weeks.
    Looking forward to catching up soon.

  3. hmmm
    Okay left long message and lost it.
    What a wonderful journey you had up in my valley. see email.

  4. thanks you guys for the welcome h'om'e. now it's time to return to the studio and see what begins to appear...that's always such a mysterious and magical time.
    I got a show while I was away...20 weeks till my opening!

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