Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Following the Moon: The HeART of the Matter

Sabbatarrian, (detail), Drozda, Acrylic/canvas, 2006
When everything falls apart and we feel uncertainty, disappointment, shock, embarrassment, what's left is a mind that is clear, unbiased, and fresh. But we don't see that. Instead, we feel the queasiness and uncertainty of being in no-man's-land and enlarge the feeling and march it down the street with banners that proclaim how bad everything is. We knock on every door asking people to sign petitions until there is a whole army of people who agree with us that everything is wrong.

There are as many different ways to experience this time on earth as there on people on the planet. This cycle allows the room for you to pay attention to what can kindly drop away.

On Sunday, January 16 at dawn (EST) we entered the Gibbous Phase and we'll be there until Wednesday afternoon, January 19. This gives you a space of time for filtering and digesting what you've been focused on since the New Moon on January 4. Seasonally this is the time of year, and energetically this particular year suggests paying close attention to the level of trust you carry for your Art/Life.

This is the month for Cleansing, take some time to discover what that means to you at this time. I followed a thread based on what I'm addressing in my Art/Life and I discovered connections to words like: modification, alteration, improvement, enhancement, fine-tuning, elegance, culture, style, maturity and civility. These give me ideas for ventilating current challenges....read more

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