Monday, January 10, 2011

Following the Moon: Each Heart is a World

Journal Page, Drozda, 2010

The January cycle continues the turning inward of the Winter season. Even though the days are lengthening and the pull of the year is exerting itself on each of us, the Wheel continues to offer space for deep inward connection.

Introspection is a major component of the Art/Life no matter what the season. I tend to see this point in the calendar year as pendulum-like. There's a swing from 'where you've been' to 'where you're going' and you recognize that you're actually in an in-between state.
You're chomping at the bit one minute because it's the New Year and there are all these new dreams, visions and goals. Yet the natural energy is saying be quiet, continue to rest, relax, snuggle deeper into your womb-cave, hibernation is not yet complete. No wonder you may feel 'out of sorts and uneasy'. There's an undercurrent.

Think of the inland rivers and streams. In January the ice is thin. We can peer beneath the frozen surface and see the water's current is increasing as the melt begins. How is your Art/Life mirroring this state?

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