Monday, October 25, 2010

Following the Moon: The Beauty You Love

Facing Her, Drozda, 2004 14x20" Acrylic/mixed/wood

With the Full moon having arrived the evening of Friday, October 22 and beaming down upon you through Tuesday evening October 26, there’s the opportunity to look over your shoulder all the way back to April 2010.

Take a deep breath and open your journal, blog or calendar. Review last April and then move forward through the weeks/months. Quietly recollect what has happened. That’s what the Full moon does…she reflects and if you can remember to do likewise while she’s hangin’ out overhead you’ll find that month by month a rhythm that plays your music is gently established. This idea of taking several days to reflect each month during the Full phase brings a dividend… no heavy waxy build-up of stale creative projects in your brilliant Art/Life! Read more...

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