Monday, June 28, 2010

Following the Moon and Sharing Your Luna See

'Healing Hand', Drozda 2010
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Welcome. I invite you to pause a moment in your busy day to take a look at the coming week's 'Luna See'. The idea here is that you can choose to slow down a bit. You can recognize how you already intuitively align or you can start now to become more consciously tuned into the eternal rhythms of lunar patterns.

Note: Keep in mind that 'Luna See' is presented as an artist tool for looking at time and your movement throught time. It is offered as an instrument for gentling through the day.

In the June 28 entry from Joan Borysenko's Pocketful of Miracles she writes:

Seed Thought:

The beauty of nature clears our mind because it draws us into the present moment. Kallistos Ware, a Greek Orthodox priest, said that the present is the place where time touches eternity.
In Greek, chronos means "clock time". Kairos means "the eternal present." Now is where chronos and kairos meet, creating a space of limitless possibility. This is the space in which miracles occur that defy the rules of time and space as we know them. This is also the space in which mystics [artists] have visions and angels [Muses] appear.

Between today, Monday June 28 and next Monday, July 5 the moon's phases continues to provide you with creative focus points for reflection  and sharing. Until Wednesday morning you have the opportunity to stop and look at what you are doing and why. As a reminder, and as a way to keep a gentle sense of flow, take yourself back to June 12. It was then that we stepped into this cycle with the New Moon.

June, each year, brings with it the keywords of Brilliance and Illumination.  Recall what you were visualizing on June 12. The idea is to continue tapping into that vision for the 29.6 days as each phase provides a focus.

Remind yourself what you're willing to create.

Reflect on what has happened over these last two weeks. Ask yourself how it feels to review this time period. Be honest with yourself. This whole year is about feeling what is happening 'in the gut' as you forge a new sense of identity. That involves knowing how to endure. Don't be stoic if you feel like crumbling. Crumbling is a one stage of learning to strengthen through endurance. When Things Falls Apart  it is useful to keep in mind that it's temporary. The world deserves to have brave artists who can demonstrate what's possible. Brave artists are courageous enough and can endure what comes as they look the truth of their experience in the eye.

Here's my short story. These first two weeks of this moon cycle have been different. I thought I'd be involved in a large studio project that has been anticipated for months. However my right, primary work hand, has been out of commission since May 21. My body is tending to the business of mending two broken bones in my wrist. With this reality I've had to step out of my normal studio routine. I translate that to: I've made a decision to step out of the way I usually engage time (chronos). During this two weeks I've been journalling and drawing with my non dominant hand. This intuitively guided practice has led me on a quiet journey that I can imagine as an 'engaging with kairos'. Deep in my bones I've been 'turning on the light'.  As it turns out (no surprise here) parts of me were very much in the dark. I didn't know that they were because I'd been too busy...for too long. I received my first big message of the year to really slow down back in March. I knew better than to keep up the pace. I thought that I was meditating but I didn't take the time to listen. I thought I was listening but I didn't hear.

It has been these past two weeks when I stopped making and instead spent hours in the studio quietly scribing, followed by long hours of not doing anything, that there was a sudden flash of light followed by the proverbial AHA moment.  BIG SHIFT.

This is the cycle, each year, when you can take the time to notice your language. How do you talk to yourself? Silence is as important as speech in this context. 'How can you hear when you're always talking' may be a way to frame this phase. Gently. No guilt.

Thursday the door opens into the Disseminating (or waning full) phase. That will give you until Sunday morning to consider what you have to share that has a relevance to your original goal for accessing your Brilliance during this cycle. Makes sense doesn't it? First you take the time to gain insight then you extend yourself to share what you have learned.

Don't have a goal? Don't know what this 'Brilliance' cycle is about for you? No problem. Your Muse knows and is gently, silently waiting for your engagement. Ilumination/Brilliance leads to Growth. That's July's keyword (using this Luna See model). In July you can begin to turn your attention to: what are you growing within the ground of your creative soil.

The marvelous Miro said, "Every blade of grass has a beautiful soul. Courage consists of staying home and close to nature. Nature who takes no account of our calamities."

There are artist's all around us who offer a sane world view. Take a deep breath and step into the sacred sanctuary created here or here

In our artist community you can model a different way to move through time. With our collective vision you may find more and more the urge to 'stay home and close to nature' consciously weaving your movements out into the world and back home to create your work. 

Between now and next Monday notice how you feel illuminated, radiant as you move with time. During this busiest season of the year share your awareness with your community and be sure that you start by talking first to your Brilliant Self.

'Lotus Focus', Drozda 2010
Journal page
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~May your days sing you


  1. Lovely post.... I gather with a women's group here on the dark moon, do ritual and plant seeds for the month's cycle. I'm not always good and checking in with myself to remember what my seeds were and see if I'm watering them! So, thank you for the reminder to re-visit my seeds!
    Moon blessings,

  2. So much beauty in words here.

    Joan's quote is exactly about living in the heart; leaning into it the horizontal time line and the vertical flow of light just center... everything opens.

    Miro so lush.
    Louise Hay is behind Hay house, i never knew that.
    Thank you. I am learning here.

  3. Dear Donna,
    I just wrote you a long comment but lost it,
    so I am back to try again.
    First, I am sorry you hurt your hand
    (oh no, thinks my art self!)
    but your transition in the way you look at
    this situation is so beautiful.
    From your words, I have learned this for myself:
    ... slow down
    ... be home
    ... be close to nature
    Some of my most revealing moments are when I water my gardens
    when I watch and feel the glistening droplets on my flowers and my face. (my dogs love this too!)
    I will listen to the song that today brings.
    And "May your day sing to you," as well.
    thank you and take care,

  4. Just taking in your brilliance and illumination here!
    I read at the beginning of this day, planted the seeds you offer, and later spent a good three hours in my garden - snipping, weeding, staking, adoring in the 90 degree heat and also several very refreshing showers! now dried, tired, happy with three beautiful vases of flowers scattered through the house I return to reread, retend those seeds of yours, and thank you. ❤ K

  5. Beautiful post. I realize I need to select one notebook and keep a journal. I write and draw in whatever is at hand. Your journal pages are beautiful.

  6. Love the Miro quote too! Reinforces for me what I am doing out here in the country (sometimes feeling like a guilty hermit!)

    And I love your journal pages. I have never kept a visual journal, just for me. You are inspiring me to do this.

    And thanks for the reminder to really hear!

  7. Such an awesome post. Just want my soul, my spirit needs right now. Thank you for the guidance. I greatly appreciate these insights and now need to calmly center and seek illumination in my life.

  8. Iona, I am so in awe of your wisdom and insight. Every time I come to your blog I feel challenged and healed—thank you.

  9. How I loved this post - it is exactly what I needed to read today, exactly what I needed to recharge my creative batteries. I hope your hand heals swiftly.

  10. Your words will "gentle" me through today. Thanks Donna. I do hope that hand heals perfectly and quickly.

  11. wonderful post! i just stumbled across your blog.
    the moon's energy is very important to me. i've recently started using the dark and full moon energies as emotional & creative prompts. i write about them on my blog.
    i look forward to sharing this experience with you.

  12. Iona, I love the words "stay home and close to Nature"--just what I needed to read this morning. I find your "Healing Hand" a wonderful reflection of your ongoing healing of your hand--the indwelling curative powers seem to have emerged onto the surface of the healer's hand.

  13. so many lovely thoughts on living in the moment, and healing and sharing. I just noticed we have the same name and are of the year of the ox--which was this past year. I love how you align the moon cycles with our artistic endeavors.

  14. Thank you All for sharing your 'Luna See' comments.
    Valerianna~Yes...the remembering part can be tricky. I want 'Luna See' to help remind us.

    Mansuetude~ So good to see you here once again...I really find Joan B's work in the book mentioned to bea lovely adjunct to living with 'Luna See'.

    Roxanne~ watering the garden is a favorite time here too...although I am currently unable to lift the watering can. You'll notice i linked to your garden in this post so we could all visit your sacred sanctuary.

    Hey Darlin' K ~three hours in your haven = heaven!

    Hi Kathleen~ Thanks! it really is a joy to share these reminders.

    Kerrdelune~ So happy to see you here and thanks so much for your feedback ;-)

    Robyn~I so appreciate your well wishes for my healing hand....very strange to be unable to create in the ways I'm accustomed to...gratefully it's temporary.

    Hi Monica~ You've got a rockin' communication network goin' on was great to visit your many posts.

    Donna~ from one OX to another Thanks!!I've been loving this 'weave' of moon to making art for so many years and it's great to be sharing the info as an '8-phase' tool for creative focus.

  15. Beautiful post as usual. It's wonderful that you were able to see the positive side of your broken wrist.


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