Monday, April 19, 2010

Moon Day at the Wren

Tara's Moon , Drozda 2010
White ink, prismacolor on black illustration board

I open the week by relating to the moon, after all it's Moonday. La Luna helps me to create and live in harmony with the phases and the cycles of nature. I love to live my life and make art in tandem with what I affectionately refer to as 'Luna See'.

There is a completely different pace when you begin truly noticing the patterns of the moon. Living by the phases is a wonderful way of relaxing time in all areas but particularly in the studio. If you visualize your kitchen wall calendar you see the days stretching out in a linear fashion that implies the need to 'Get there!' That's a Solar (masculine) way of tracking time. Obviously we need this way of moving through the world. But a glimpse at a lunar calendar page acclimates us to the mysterious (feminine) unfolding of phases and breaks the use of time into three day segments. In creating with and living with the cycles of the moon since 1989 I've come to see the balance of these two ways of moving through time. I see the moon phases as stretching time so as to allow breathing space. There are approximately 29.6 days in a lunar month and that divides into 8 phases, as was outlined here on the New Moon, April 14 post.

Currently we're in the Crescent phase of this moon cycle so the opportunity is ripe for researching whatever your creative goal is for this month/moon.

My current studio goal is to learn new techno-communication skills. To help me I've signed on for Blog Triage with Alyson Stanfield and Cynthia Morris. The behind the scenes learning, along with the sense of community, is truly inspired. The class is pushing us all in a very positively assertive and enthusiastic direction...if I might jump in and give my humble take (for all involved)... it really feels like we're learning plus having a whole lotta fun.

The assignment/research for this phase is to design a different look for our blog. One point of entry is our use of fonts and color. We're being asked to 'think gallery'. we're being asked to sync up website and blog so they are 'of a piece'.

The first action I took(reluctantly), after listening to the lesson, was to eliminate the dark gray background and white font. Personally I loved that look, however I had heard from several sets of eyes that white type on a dark ground is not easy to read from a computer screen. Alyson provided an amazing wealth of information including seven pages of lesson plan on this topic, so it will be an ongoing opportunity to change things out. For now, I've clarified my look by using white ground with black type. Simple. This is the way I started my blog and I admit I didn't feel comfortable with the 'step back' yet just a short time into the change I'm feeling more at home again. I'll continue to research fonts and link colors and over all design of the page. I am a happy learner.

2010 Treasure Map, Drozda
collage, drawing red poster board

This is a synchronistic moment for a fresh start, a new sense of creative passion and an infusion of enthusiasm because this is the Aries moon cycle. Each year the Aries moon signals a new beginning (as nature demonstrates).  This makes for a prime time for mapping out studio goals for the whole walk around this year's Wheel of Life. Pictured here is my current Treasure Map. It helps me stay focused upon the energy and information I'm open to experiencing in the year ahead. I also keep a studio goal journal and have belonged to a weekly 'Master Mind' support group since 1984. A confidential {artist's} support group is a great, time honored way to keep track and prioritize the work.

What is your self-expressive goal for this new year's first moon cycle? And what are you creatively reaching for throughout this year? Whatever you're yearning to express and share you may enjoy the investment in doing your own version of a treasure map or mind map during the coming week.

In three days it will be time to take a specific action in relation to one of your creative goals. If you've read this far and would enjoy a gift of a 'Luna See Recipe' card let me know and I'll make that available to you.

Until next time keep in mind: when following the moon there's no reason to rush...ahhhhhhhhhh....

~Sing the Day


  1. just finished my new treasure map too and thinking of changing the Dolce blog to white, but I get so many compliments on the contrast!!

  2. I love the new look Iona. It is easier for me to read. I mentioned before, I love how you write, it all flows together.

  3. The black and white work looks especially great on this background. I also like knowing what medium you are using for your wonderful art!

  4. The white background is much easier on the eyes and very much appreciated.

    Good job on flowing with the energy of the phases and demonstrating how part of the process of the Crescent Phase is letting go of old attachments that keep us from moving toward our New Vision. Thanks for sharing your Treasure Map and reminding me to take mine from the mental stage to the material.

  5. I love the new look Donna - it's much easier for my eye balls :)Is it pure white? On my screen it's a lovely pale dove gray -and the font works for my eyes better too.
    and I love love love your Tara's Moon... I have a crescent moon being formed in my mandala currently - next, a treasure map, for sure - I think I"ll assign myself that for tomorrow. Thanks for the shared learning and inspiration pal of mine. xox

  6. Oops.....thought I was in the wrong blog for a minute. Sorry, I actullay like the dark background better....much softer and calmer...fits your personality and site better. But, only my opinion...I love your writing!

  7. Thank you all for stopping by and for commenting on the beginnings of a new look for the new lunar year.
    Cat..your blog is so beautiful and your readers would be shocked however,as we know well, the only constant is change ;-)
    thanks Dora..I have to jump over and see what you're up to...I just read your comment on the class comments.
    Hannah...back at cha.
    Mrs. Mosley and K I'm glad your eyes are having an easier time...mine too actually. Yes, K it is pure white though I did play around with a 'lighter shade of pale' before I finally bit the bullet and went pure blanco.
    Kay...I hear mentioned this was not an easy assignment...but I'm here to learn ;-)
    You know how that goes!

  8. Hi Donna, I'm following along and using the lunar calendar as I prepare my entry for the D'Art chair show. So far it seems to be helping. I'm curious, what is a a Luna See Recipe card?

  9. Hi Jackie
    Ah ha...a Luna See Recipe inquiry...let me send one over to you via's on it's way...a handy little print out that you can refer to through any month/moon cycle.

  10. this is wonderful...I too connect deeply with moon cycles as this is also the calendar of Jewish time...rosh chodesh...the new moon is indeed a moment in time (each lunar month) pregnant with possibilities...perfect for creative renewal and rebirthing.

  11. Blog triage...who knew? I admire your willingness to change and I like the change, no doubt ti will be even more wonderful as you experiment with typefaces, colors and the design look.

  12. I changed my site from dark to white too . . .

    My creative goal is to become fully, fully self-supported from my creative endeavours this year :)


  13. Donna, I'd really love to have a print of this Tara's Moon piece; do you by chance have any for sale?


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